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Sincera is dedicated to enabling Data Agility at scale, allowing companies to accelerate their Digital Transformations.

Data Agility at scale accelerate Digital Transformations Sincera
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Company Founded
Launch of Data Management Software for Network Inventory System
Services launched in Europe
Data Migration and Audit Software and Services
Network Data Compliance Software
Major carriers sign up to use Compliance Software
Enterprise Data Platform Release
About Us Sincera
As experts in telecom and OSS, Sincera was formed in 2003 after the founding team spent the 90’s developing and deploying Ericsson’s Granite inventory system. Sincera was dedicated to utilizing its deep technical knowledge of network, software and data models to deliver automation tools and software solutions at the scale required by MNO’s.

Over the years, Sincera delivered consulting services and software tools to MNO’s worldwide including:

Network Inventory Reconciliation
Bulk Data Loaders
Data Processing Management
Data Compliance
Data Reconciliation
Data Migration
Operational Efficiency
Workflow Management Tools

In 2019, Sincera aggregated these tools and more capabilities into the 1Data Platform.

Why Us?
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Data is the centerpiece of how organizations function, supply services to customers, and improve growth through data driven decisions. We see organizations of all sizes struggle with access to data, understanding what do to with the data to make it actionable, then being able to communicate the meaning of data consistently across the organization based on who is using the data and for what intended purpose.

What’s unique about Sincera is that we help organizations make sense of the various data by using an agnostic approach and combining our extensible data management technology with our Industry and technology experts. This allows us our customers to develop solutions that use our extensive rules engines to apply business logic and then take action on data in automated ways.

The 1Data low-code, no-code platform allows the user to either interact with the data within the 1Data environment or use the data manipulation engine of choice once we have made the data actionable and consumable by all areas of the business.