ETL and Data Migration

Problem Statement We See:
Corporate acquisitions and mergers are justified in large part on the planned cost savings from consolidating redundant systems, processes, and procedures. But often, the financial savings are slow to materialize because platform consolidation is much harder than many companies expect. Well intentioned corporate IT staff may have good knowledge of general IT and database technologies but lack the deep understanding of the company’s domain business, or the tools, necessary to ensure a well-planned, well executed enterprise system migrations. Combining multiple corporate network inventory systems into a single, unified source of network truth can be challenging. Network inventory applications are typically customized and integrated with ancillary systems. This makes extracting, transforming, and loading the data for those integrated systems extremely important and a critical path to realizing the cost savings of your merger or acquisition.
ETL and Data Migration tools Sincera
1Data’s Intelligent Rule Engine lets you create rules files - from simple to highly complex - that ingest, analyze, and act on your multi-source data. The IRE allows you to create and capture the detailed company/equipment/customer-specific logic necessary to accurately identify, segregate, transform and load the customer experience from separate company databases into a common database of record. Fallout is easily managed in 1Data via an Excel-styled user interface, command line for any scripting language, or routed to work queues for assigned to users to manually fix or resolve.
The quick and accurate consolidation of your combined corporate back office systems allows you to realize the hard cost savings from eliminating duplicate platforms, processes, and procedures. System consolidations result in further cost savings from cancellation of unneeded software licenses and maintenance subscriptions. 1Data’s ETL and data migration capabilities allow you to consolidate systems more quickly thus accelerating combined cost savings and increasing shareholder value.
Benefits of Data Reconciliation and Cleansing Sincera