Data Reconciliation and Cleansing

Typical Problem Description:
Network operators frequently struggle to keep their network monitoring systems synchronized with their network inventory system; a problem sometimes called “as built versus as designed”. These systems fall out of synch for several reasons including network configuration overrides, data entry mistakes, uncaptured redline changes from the field, and poorly defined or ignored business processes. This results in delayed troubleshooting while discrepancies are investigated and resolved. Data shared among your operational support systems must be cleansed and reconciled to be useful.
Data Reconciliation and Cleansing Sincera
How 1Data solves the problem:
1Data allows customers to keep their enterprise data clean and reconciled. 1Data's data connector technology allows for quick connection to any data source. 1Data's Intelligent Rule Engine enables users with minimal coding experience to create rules files to capture and normalize data in any format, (RDBMS tables, XML, flat files, graph DB, API, etc.), from any source. Customers can extract network data from various business and operational systems and normalize it for comparison to your network inventory repository. 1Data can automatically bulk update the network inventory system with the reconciled/cleansed network data. Alternately, fallout can be routed to work queues for assignment to engineers for manual investigation and correction.
The Benefit:
Reconciling your network inventory data with data from “live” network systems can prevent distorted visibility into operational faults leading to service provisioning delays and customer dissatisfaction. Synchronizing your network data with your network inventory allows for optimal use of network assets, reduces operational costs, and allows your NOC to find and fix network issues more quickly.
Benefits of Data Reconciliation and Cleansing Sincera