AWS Telco System Modernization

AWS Telco System Modernization

The client is a large network provider, responsible for wide coverage of its services. The customer business support team was faced with a challenge to eliminate redundant products and systems, increase feature velocity, make the platform future ready and vendor agnostic. The purpose of this endeavor was to make the telecom organization save cost, be agile, reduce time-to-market and ensure profitability and future growth. With the incumbent systems being clunky and siloed, the need was felt for a complete revamp and system modernization.

The Customer is one of the largest telecommunications company by revenue. It operates national 5G and 4G LTE networks covering about 99 percent of the U.S. population.

The customer is in the process of modernizing their incumbent systems to ensure continued business growth. The scope of this included the Billing systems, Order entry and management, Inventory and provisioning platforms, multiple products, networking technologies and Ecommerce sites. All these legacy systems are monolithic, inflexible and difficult to upgrade and hence need transitioning to a more agile, flexible and cloud-native architecture. However, the investments required for such modernization are substantial and balancing costs with long-term benefits is critical and therefore efficient resource allocation and cost control is the need of the hour. Moreover these systems operate in complex ecosystems with various stakeholders requiring efforts which include considerations across factors such as interoperability, data exchange, and seamless integration. Business support team must also ensure high performance, low latency, seamless scalability as data volumes grow in order to cater to. Our team created the solution which uses AWS Lambda a serverless, event-driven service on a pay-as-you-use model the value of which scales along with cost. Video, streaming functions were migrated to Amazon ECS, a fully-managed container orchestration service. EC2 spot instances were used for non-prod workloads due to which $200K of savings were realized. The business also switched from Intel to Graviton processors for core database and analytics, switched from gp2 to gp3 for EBS volumes and configuration of scripts to auto-schedule services to shut down when not in use has resulted in $500K of savings.

The business now relies on AWS CloudFormation to provision infra as a code and build infra templates which can be distributed quickly ensuring speed-to-market. Amazon QuickSight was used in order to build dashboards for various customer teams giving them analytics insights. Amazon SageMaker was used for AIML based use cases.

  1. Improved application scalability leading to seamless increase in the number of subscribers by 150%

  2. Enabled cost savings across the organization by realizing $500 Mil of savings by transforming the technology organization platforms

  3. 100% productivity increase for product management shop, namely in the product design and feature velocity output

  4. Completely revamped BSS/OSS systems built to support scale, agility, reducing time-to-market by 50%.

  5. Transformed applications like BSS, Billing, CRM, Ecommerce, KYC and more to containerized real-time platform to improve performance by 200%

  6. Reduction in compute utilization by 60% leading to cost savings.