Network Engineering Services

Use Sincera’s expertise to advance and augment your

As networks technologies and services evolve, Carriers must innovate and scale their customer care and operations while reducing costs and excelling in customer services. Sincera’s Network Engineering team brings expertise in designing and implementing Network Services with intimate familiarity with telecom processes and Operational Support Systems. Our teams can audit networks, OSS systems, and augment customer operations teams as needed.

Field Data Audits

Does your data reflect reality? Operating your business on data that is not a true reflection of reality is extremely risky and can lead to truly bad outcomes – like spending on inventory when you don’t need to, lost sales, and customer dissatisfaction.
We have people, processes and tools specially trained to conduct rapid field audits to verify the accuracy of your data against real world and update your databases with audit trails as needed to ensure your databases reflect reality.

Examples include

Audits of the Network against your inventory system. 


Network Services Design

Sincera’s Network Services team is built from decades of real-world network design experience with the largest companies in the country. Our knowledge of networks and technology enhances and augments our customer’s team, helping meet company goals. Our “work with” philosophy enables seamless transitions with our customers. Maintain and design network facilities from end to end, including –

Inside/Outside Plant

Equipment and Circuits

Capacity Planning and Management

Systems Analysis and Optimization

Database Reconciliation

Standards Modeling and Documentation

Why Sincera?

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Accelerate time to value with our best-in-class industry accelerators that eliminate the complexity of integration.

Our Tech Experience:
18+years of experience working with cutting-edge technologies enable our clients to build technology-driven solutions that deliver business results.
Robust Partner Ecosystem:

We are an engineering and implementation partner for leading technology providers enabling our clients to build a data foundation they can rely on.

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Bringing together the best of our partner network to create a competitive
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