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Build your business data foundation with Sincera

Businesses cannot operate effectively without reliable and actionable data. Sincera Data Engineering Services team can be your partner to help establish a flexible, future-proof data infrastructure, the right data management, and integration tools and provide experts who can help you navigate a complex data technology landscape.

Data Governance

Inconsistent, conflicting, and indefinite data leads to wrong business insights and poor process automation outcomes.

Our data and domain experts work with our customers to establish data models, data standards, and governance rules to harmonize Enterprise data. Using our software platform 1Data or other tools if preferred by the customer, we implement data governance and quality management rules that can automatically monitor and manage data quality. And where needed assign specific problems with data quality to designated people to preview, approve, and manually fix data problems.

Business Insights

Do you have the tools and people who can understand all the different data in your enterprise, pull it together in a meaningful way and provide you the insights you need to make meaningful business decisions?
Are technology challenges, skill gaps and resource needs holding you back?
Our data science experts can help to bring together your enterprise data sources into a cohesive and insightful information you need to run your business. Through application of complex rule-based algorithms, machine learning and other advance data technologies, we will realize the potential of your data in predictive and prescriptive analytics.
Visualize the information in your data through KPI dashboards and powerful reports using industry leading tools like PowerBI, Qlik and Tableau.

ETL, Data Pipelines and Data Lakes

Many enterprises are either planning or are in the process of creating a Data Lake or a Data Warehouse to consolidate data from their disparate data sources, fix disconnected reporting processes and enable application of data analytics.
One of the main challenges is developing and deploying an effective ETL Pipeline to consistently and continuously extract, transform, load and maintaining up-to-date data in the Data Lake/Warehouse as changes occur in source data structures, technologies and addition of new sources.

1Data platform provides a powerful and centralized vehicle for the Extraction and ingestion of data from multiple data sources, an Intelligent Rules Engine to Transform and normalize the data, and Connectors to Load data in popular data platforms e.g. Mongo.

Sincera’s Data Architects have the skills and experience to build complex ETL pipelines.
Using NICE platform developed by Sincera or other industry recognized applications, Sincera can design and deploy ETL Pipelines that are efficient, scalable, and easy to use. Sincera will work with your team to identify data and develop processes that adjust data into more meaningful information.

Data Platform Modernization

Upgrade your database technologies and deployment infrastructure to lower cost, improve the reliability and availability of your data, and most importantly make the data suitable for your business needs and application needs. Should you be on the cloud or on-prem? What are the tradeoffs?
Is the Database technology itself, the right one? Are you still dealing only with SQL databases?
Have you explored if your business needs and application needs are better services with new database technologies like Graph DB or NOSQL databases like Mongo DB?
Don’t walk into technology hype without knowing the road and having trusted, knowledgeable advisors and partners by your side as you walk the journey…
Examples include: Application Data needs to be on the cloud and on-prem. SQL DB is too expensive….what are your options and what are the tradeoffs? -Cassandra to Mongo… -NetDB -RDB+N4J

Why Sincera?

Industry accelerators

Accelerate time to value with our best-in-class industry accelerators that eliminate the complexity of integration.

Our Tech Experience:
18+years of experience working with cutting-edge technologies enable our clients to build technology-driven solutions that deliver business results.
Robust Partner Ecosystem:

We are an engineering and implementation partner for leading data technology providers enabling our clients to build a data foundation they can rely on.

Our Partners Ecosystem

Bringing together the best of our partner network to create a competitive
advantage for you business.

Client Success Story

Enabling a leading global financial services company to increase
overall velocity for cloud migration.

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