Empowering Benefits Consultants & Brokers
to gain competitive advantage

Grow new business and retain existing clients with smart insights on your
client’s employees healthcare cost savings opportunities.

Key Benefits

Predict the employee benefits cost by tracking employees with chronic conditions and monitoring their medication cost & utilization patterns.

Forecast financial resources based on employees risk factors and improve value for organization by changing benefits plans.

Engage employees in early preventive care by targeting those who are at high risk for hospitalization.

Get actionable insights on high risk/high cost employees to plan your stop loss & reinsurance coverage.

Ensure data integrity and accuracy with ease of use empowering employers to make informed decisions with speed and confidence.

Key Features

Automated data ingestion pipeline enabling your inhouse IT team to focus on strategic tasks.
Create and analyze employee cohorts and dig deeper into their health data.
Predictive analytics to help identify employees’ risk factors that may contribute to hospitalization and high costs of care.
Show the patterns of care utilization that are driving employee benefits costs and gaps in care.
Custom interactive reports and dashboards enabling employers to build scenarios and see possible outcomes.
Create a single source of truth between internal stakeholders, vendors, and health solution partners.

Optimize your employee benefits spends and
achieve higher employee satisfaction scores

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