Telecom Revenue Assurance

Problem Statement We See:
Communication Service Providers (CSPs) often lease network capacity from other providers to expand their network coverage or provide new or improved network services for their customers. Maintaining accurate records of your leased circuits is important for troubleshooting and managing network expenses. When leased records are not accurately maintained it is possible for customers to disconnect or cancel their service, but the underlying leased circuit remains “live” due to process failures or human error. This results in CSPs paying monthly charges for circuits no longer in use. This problem costs network providers millions of dollars per year in unnecessary and avoidable network costs.
Telecom Revenue Assurance Sincera
Sincera’s 1Data platform is a powerful data quality management solution that allows users to rapidly connect to and capture data from any data source. 1Data allows improved cost control of leased facilities by combining data from network management, network inventory, billing, and other supplementary systems. This combined view allows companies to quickly identify disconnected network services, including disconnected leased circuits for which you may still be paying.
1Data gives CSPs improved cost control over leased network facilities by letting you combine data from network management, network inventory, billing, and other supplementary systems to ensure you are not billed for leased circuits that have been disconnected. This allows companies to better manage their network spend, keep costs low, provide high value services and increase customer satisfaction.
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