Telecom Service Assurance

Integrated and flow-thru Fault Management
with a single-pane-of-glass view of the network.

Problem Statement We See

Network operators face a myriad of challenges in monitoring the health of equipment, systems, and circuits that collectively form the infrastructure used by their customers. Event data from multiple platforms and systems must be captured, normalized, and combined intelligently with data from other systems to provide an accurate view of the customer account information, the services they use, the service levels they pay for, and the network performance associated with their experience. The inability to capture and correlate a customer’s experience against the network performance data can obscure serious network problems that could grow and negatively impact more customers. Companies unable to leverage their data to compile accurate representations of their customers’ experience risk losing both customers and market share.

How 1Data Solves the Problem?

The 1Data platform is a powerful data quality management solution that allows users to rapidly connect to and capture data from any data source. 1Data’s Intelligent Rules Engine (IRE) provides an easy-to-use, intuitive interface to create and store the rules governing how the data is used. The IRE is a low code/no code environment, allowing the coders and non-coders alike to create rules files. Built on microservices technology, 1Data connectors can be easily and quickly created to connect to all the relevant data sources within your enterprise holding the data you need. 1Data’s rule engine allows you to create the conditional logic necessary to analyze, clean, reformat and transform your data into valuable information and customer insights.

The Benefit

1Data lets enterprises capture data from multiple sources to provide enhanced network surveillance leading to faster repair times, improved service levels, and increased customer retention. Additional value comes from the ability to collect and archive historical data on equipment failure rates which may prove useful in vendor negotiations.

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