Customer Care Use Case

Get an Accurate and complete view of your
customers’ data and network services

Problem Statement We See

Customer Care organizations require rapid access to customer and network data to troubleshoot customer issues. This data can be difficult to find, challenging to capture, and often requires cleansing or reformatting to be meaningful and actionable. Typical data sources used by Customer Care include customer device data, customer account data, network inventory data across multiple sites, ticketing data showing historical customer data, customer call records, and maintenance activities performed by the network provider in facilities that service the customer.

The data required to investigate and resolve customer problems resides in numerous systems across multiple organizations, leading to delays in diagnosing faults and restoring service. Finding the data is only part of the solution. Making that data meaningful, actionable, and available to your Customer Care teams is the goal.

How 1Data solves the problem?

Sincera’s 1Data platform is a powerful data quality management solution that allows users to rapidly connect to and capture data from any data source. 1Data’s Intelligent Rules Engine provides an easy-to-use, intuitive interface to create and store the rules that govern how you use the data. The IRE is a low code/no code environment, allowing coders and non-coders alike to create and maintain rules files.

1Data allows companies to connect with mission-critical element management, inventory, ticketing, and other supplementary systems to bring real-time event data together. This 360° view enables the NOC, call centers, and fix agents to have a comprehensive view of the issue and more quickly resolve the trouble.

The Benefit

1Data provides Customer Care teams with a consolidated view of the customer, their equipment, their services, network settings, existing SLAs, ticket history and the network performance data. By capturing and presenting this data in a single view, 1Data allows enterprises to more quickly identify and correct service-affecting problems while improving customer service levels.

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