Automating the Order cancellation Process for a Leading Global Retailer

Automating the Order cancellation Process for a Leading Global Retailer

Client Overview

Our client is one of the leading global retailers with approximately 3,000 retail stores, and franchisee partners.

Business Challenges

Order cancellation is vital to any retailer’s sales & inventory processes, so efficiency is critical. This process had become a burden for our client. A particular challenge was the volume of order cancellation requests. But making it worse were the manual, labor-intensive steps required to handle each order cancellation.

Known Challenges/Gaps:

  • Store associate enters the cancelation request in the point of sale (POS)
  • Service Now ticket is created/assigned to the Order Management team
  • The order Management team reviews the ticket cancels the order and closes the ticket

The company realized that there was an opportunity to free the staff from this repetitive task. Therefore, they decided to automate the order cancellation process to reduce the workload on the staff, allowing them more time to focus on high-value customer service tasks. They tapped into Sincera’s extensive experience on large-scale projects to transform their order cancellation process.

Our Solution

Sincera team analyzed the company’s pain points, their as-is environment, envisioned goals and priorities for the to-be state. Clear communications were key, and the client’s workforce was trained on the new systems to minimize disruption. Once the customer’s order management team understood the efficiency gains delivered by the solution, they enthusiastically embraced it as a major productivity enhancement.


  • Service Now (API integration)
  • Enterprise Order Routing (EOR)
  • Excel
  • Email

    Impact/ Key Benefits to the Client

    Some of the key benefits experienced by the client are as follows –

    • Eliminated 85%+ of manual time spent
    • Improved timeliness of cancelations
    • Reduction of material waste
    • Auto-retry of failed items