Automating Patient Exam Recalls for a global optical retailer

Automating Patient Exam Recalls for a global optical retailer

Client Overview

Our client is one of the global optical retailers with more than 5,000 stores worldwide. They offer expert eye care services and a large selection of unique and stylish prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and eye care products.

Business Challenges

The marketing team runs reports monthly to identify patients who are coming close to one year since their last appointment and sends the full list to Store Operations. Store Operations divides the list by store and sends it to the mail room. Store Ops Mail Room prints, splits, sorts, and mails reports for individual stores.  Store GM splits the list among retail associates to call patients as they have time.

Known Challenges/Gaps:

  • Highly manual process to generate call lists at the store level
  • No means of prioritizing customers based on sales
  • No means of verifying if calls were made and/or the outcome of the calls.

The company realized that there was an opportunity to free the staff from this repetitive task. Therefore, they decided to automate the patient exam recall process to reduce the workload on the staff, allowing them more time to focus on high-value customer service tasks.

Our Solution

Sincera team analyzed the company’s pain points, their as-is environment, envisioned goals and priorities for the to-be state.

  • Generation of a prioritized call list for all stores daily.
  • Upload of daily prioritized list into Smartsheet to drive store-specific dynamic views that provide associates with the next patient to call along with forms to capture call disposition (no answer, appointment made, etc)
  • Downloading daily call dispositions from Smartsheet and correlating them with 8×8 telephonic data logs to confirm calls were made.
  • Update source tables to remove patients from the call list due to successful calls or if the patient requested “Do not call”
  • Automated Outbound Dialling of patients using IPSoft Amelia for stores that opt-in


  • Patient & Marketing Data
  • Smartsheet
  • 8×8 Call Data Logs
  • IPSoft Amelia

Impact/ Key Benefits to the Client

Some of the key benefits experienced by the client are as follows –

  • Driving customer and staff satisfaction
  • Improving operational efficiency and providing better customer service by eliminating manual effort by 85%
  • Ability to track/measure the effectiveness
  • Uplift in appointments booked led to over 2.5 million in revenue