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Accelerating cloud modernization programs for large organizations
who are looking to migrate their databases to AWS

AWS RDS (Relational Database Service) is a fully managed database service provided by Amazon Web Services, which enables users to easily create, manage, and scale relational databases in the cloud. Migrating databases to AWS RDS can be a complex process, which requires a deep understanding of database migration, AWS RDS architecture, and various migration tools available in AWS. With Sincera’s AWS RDS migration expertise, organizations can ensure that their database migration is done efficiently, securely, and with minimal downtime. They can also leverage our proprietary run books and RSAs alongside AWS RDS features to optimize their database performance, improve scalability, and reduce costs. Our proven methodology and dedicated skill sets will ensure that we help move business-critical databases to the cloud that meets your cloud modernization needs.

Why choose Sincera?

We are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner.

AWS Centre of Excellence – a dedicated team of experts.

AWS Training Academy- significant investments in training and enablement.

Leverage our innovative IPs, frameworks, Accelerators & RDS validation runbook.


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We ensure faster time to market, performance, stability, and unparalleled customer experience that helps you stay competitive.

Client Testimonial

We partnered with Sincera on our cloud migration and digital transformation journey. Their personalized services helped reduce our costs and make our platform more secure and compliant. We enhanced our customer experience by 2X in the first year of our engagement.
– Technology leader of a leading global financial services company

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