Enabling a leading global financial services company to increase overall velocity for the cloud migration

Enabling a leading global financial services company to increase overall velocity for the cloud migration

Client Overview

Our client is a global financial services leader providing payments and money transfer services. Leveraging its mobile platform and collaborating with the world’s leading brands, our client serves millions of customers each year through its direct-to-consumer channels.

Business Challenge

Our client’s on-prem to cloud migration deadlines were impacted because of the speed and quality of the current implementation.

The current DevOps technology stack did not align with the cloud migration strategy of the client:

  • Limited native integration with the current cloud environment
  • Lack of inheritance for reuse of templates
  • Limited role base control for our client’s governance policies
  • No training for complex environments

Our Solution

SixthUp’s team of cloud experts partnered with the client to provide the solution in three phases for quick, seamless, and efficient deployment. We brought our deep IT skills, unrivalled industry experience, and a strong reputation for fintech companies’ IT transformation to the table.

  • Phase 1: High-Level Workshop
    • Identify the high-level gaps around staff and process issues
  • Phase 2: Deeper Dive
    • Place a contributor in the weeds with the client to understand delivery gaps
    • Identify deeper gaps around – staff alignment, skills, technology, and processes
  • Phase 3: Augmentation and Technology Implementation
    • Provide Skilled resources and improved technology suggestions to augment the existing team
    • Selecting and Implementing an improved technology stack for their cloud migration requirements
    • Improving the DevOps process to adopt the new technology and recommendations
    • Training the client’s team enabling them a smooth handoff to use improved processes and technology

Impact/Key Benefits to the Client

Some of the immediate benefits are listed below:

  • Acquire a technology stack to align with their business goals
  • Focus on tools and technology that aligns and scales with their current and future goals
  • Build confidence that the organization can adopt change while meeting bottom-line goals
  • Increase overall velocity for the cloud migration

These advantages make our client future-ready and lay the foundation for growth and innovation.

Client Testimonial

“We partnered with Sincera on our cloud migration and digital transformation journey. Their personalized services helped reduce our costs and make our platform more secure and compliant. We enhanced our customer experience by 2X in the first year of our engagement.”

Technology leader of a leading global financial services company