Microservice Modernization and Cloud Migration for a leading global financial services company

Microservice Modernization and Cloud Migration for a leading global financial services company

Business Overview

Our client is undergoing a remarkable transformation from a brick-and-mortar model to digital payments and money-transfer powerhouse with nearly half of all their transfers taking place online. They wanted a solution that would allow them to scale around the seasonal peaks in traffic, rapidly develop new features for their customers, and support their large network of global offices

Business Problem

As a P2P payment and money transfer company, our client sees seasonal spikes in their traffic. They were looking for a solution that would allow them to scale out rapidly to handle heavy traffic, without the need to maintain a data center at 100% capacity.

Additionally, our client has recognized increased competition from emerging fintech startups. They were looking for a solution that was not only scalable but would enable the rapid development and deployment of new features that would help them stay ahead of the competition.

Finally, such a large agent network requires a highly stable and secure set of internal tools. Our client required a migration partner that could modernize and migrate their internal tools without causing an outage to the agents and support personnel.

Our Solution

Microservice Migration and  Modernization

To prepare their existing on-prem services for migration to AWS, Sincera provided several teams to audit, understand, and re-design each service. The Sincera migration team upgraded Springboot services and other java applications, leveraging Veracode and Splunk to identify and fix potential dependency vulnerabilities.

K8 migration

Partnering with the client, Sincera teams migrated services (both Nginx and istio-based) and applications to AWS EKS. Our developer teams assisted in latency testing and code tuning while providing training on AWS best practices and processes.

Services on EKS workloads are protected by AWS Private Link. One API Gateway per namespace and each API gateway will have different stages for individual environments. Services are only consumed through Apigee.


Sincera DevOps teams worked to build automated pipelines for testing and deployment, as well as infrastructure automation. Our DevOps experts worked strategically to choose the best tools, eventually selecting and helping to implement GitLab.

Application Modernization

Applications not suited for containerization were lift-and-shift migrated to EC2 instances. Sincera engineers helped set up IaaS for Oracle DBs and IBM Websphere servers.

Key Benefits

With the highly scalable AWS cloud infrastructure in place, our client has been able to bring features, like their new crypto wallet, to market much faster than before. Additionally, our client was able to leverage Sincera’s globally located teams to take advantage of time zone overlaps. While we didn’t implement a full follow-the-sun model, our delivery centers in South Africa and India were able to provide after-hours work and SRE.