Reducing Order Design and Activation costs for a Top US MNO

Reducing Order Design and Activation costs for a Top US MNO

Business Overview

Our client is one of the leading mobile network operators (MNO) in the United States.

Business Problem

The Inconsistent and non-standardized data content in the Inventory System was causing multiple business revenue and cost efficiency issues for the MSO Enterprise Services organization. Some of the key challenges are listed below:

  • Inaccurate reports on customer services, network assets utilization and service volumes
  • Service provisioning delays due to inaccurate network design requiring costly and time-consuming order reprocessing
  • Delays in customer service activation increasing Time-to-Revenue
  • Under-utilized network assets resulting in unnecessary capital expenditure
  • Impeding multiple process automation and efficiency initiatives
  • Multiple mergers/acquisitions significantly increasing quantity of similar but non-standardized data
  • Newly created data standards applied only to new data records.


Sincere developed a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements and deployed its 1Data Platform customized as per the client’s needs. This configuration includes:

  • 1Data software platform was deployed to correct Inventory System data based on organization’s data standards and to continuously monitor and correct new data records.
  • 600+ data standardization rules were implemented in four stages using MySQL and Python scripts.
  • Over 250,000 service records for 16 service types were analyzed and corrected for data completeness and standardization.
  • 1Data data standardization and correction Tasks are invoked through APIs by provisioning system to scan and correct Service Orders prior to processing to reduce fallouts.


  • Automation reduced Order Design and Activation costs by over $1.25 million per year
  • Customer Installation & Turn up failures reduced by 25%
  • Order reprocessing & Service Provision Activation due to inaccurate design was reduced by 33%