Sincera and SixthUp merge together to strengthen the data and cloud offerings to create a positive impact on their clientele.

Sincera and SixthUp merge together to strengthen the data and cloud offerings to create a positive impact on their clientele.

Combination Creates Accelerated Delivery model for Digital Solutions

Sincera, which delivers data-driven solutions and services using its 1Data platform has merged with SixthUp which provides cloud services, emerging tech, and digital services and solutions across a range of industries.

The two companies have decided to combine the strengths of both organizations to better serve their clients. The merger will also create a more distinctive employee value proposition and stronger partnerships with ecosystem players. The name of the combined entity will be ‘Sincera’.

This is a strategic merger for both Sincera and SixthUp and a win-win situation. This merger will start an exciting new chapter for Sincera and will enable the combined business to have increased relevance to its clients, achieve scale, improve operational efficiencies, and create unparalleled differentiation with a platform-driven Solutions approach.

This merger is in line with the strategic priority of unlocking synergies and efficiencies. The combined entity will build a stronger portfolio of diversified end-to-end cloud & data offerings across verticals for the clients and prospects and provide them with deeper domain expertise. It will also unlock synergies through scale, cross-vertical expertise, and talent pool while emerging as a partner of choice for large-scale digital transformations.

There will only be a positive impact on our existing clients and our employees. Because the culture and goals of both Sincera and SixthUp aligned so well, the transition would be practically seamless both for our employees and the existing clients.

The leadership of SixthUp and Sincera shall both continue in the joint entity. The other investors in the joint entity include the Dynamic Technologies group.

The combined entity is well-positioned in the cloud and data services markets for continued growth and margin expansions with opportunities to expand across verticals. Sincera’s strength in telecom and SixthUp’s strength in healthcare, financial services, and the manufacturing domain will mean more diversified offerings for the end customer.

About SixthUp

SixthUp is a technology consulting firm that provides emerging tech, Cloud, and Digital services to fuel our client’s business growth. Our approach eliminates risk, accelerates our client’s time to market, and enables them to reap the true reward of embracing the tech. SixthUp represents Dynamic Technologies group, which has been providing technology and software solutions for more than two decades to organizations across industries in the US, Europe, and Africa.